Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

There are many reasons to install outdoor lighting on various areas of your home’s property, the most important being security. There are other benefits as they will also help you navigate your sidewalks, and garden pathways in the evening, and can even light up areas that are not used as often, but can use a just in time solution. Finding a good balance of visual effect, security, and illumination to get from point A to point B is not as difficult as one might think. If budgetary concerns are an issue, this type of project can be done in sections on a pay as you go installation basis.

Using an indoor outdoor design consultant to help with the overall design and layout of your lighting grid may be worth the small investment. They can offer up not only the best placement of garden, patio, and security lighting, but they can also suggest certain types of lighting to save money, and time during the install process. It might cost a couple of hundred dollars for the plans, but considering the time, and money lost when relying on your lack of expertise in this area, you will still be ahead of the curve.

Lights that help with external home security are usually bright flood lighting that paints a glaring wash of white wherever it is aimed. Above the garage door, near the entrance, and high up on the rest of the corners of the home will be a good place to start. The addition of a simple motion detector to the complete circuit will active them all immediately when something or someone is lurking about at night. Alternatively, each floodlight can be purchased with the motion sensor built into the base so they can be activated individually when movement is detected. myrtle beach hardscaping

Garden lights have really come a long way in recent years, and now you can have worry and maintenance free lights that are solar powered, and equipped with multicolored LED bulbs. This will make for quick and easy installation, the ability to forgo expensive electrical labor costs for running underground wires, and being hooked up to your electrical service panel. These lights can be purchased with optional programming computers that will give you the opportunity to change the colors to match your roses, or even casting a muted green on to the backdrop of your trees for added accent. The solar lights will last for years, and the charge they receive from the sun all day will keep them running almost all night long.

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